• Bucketful Read

    Bucketful Read

    Reading books is a wonderful experience and a journey of unfathomable worlds of imagination. Books bring with them bucketful amounts of knowledge and creativity

  • deborah kaufmann

    deborah kaufmann

    Editrice chez Calmann-Lévy.

  • Elana Gomel

    Elana Gomel

    I traveled to twenty countries, published nine books, speak three languages, have two children, and want to write one great novel.

  • Steve Childs

    Steve Childs

  • Tony Thomas

    Tony Thomas

  • Graham Kemp

    Graham Kemp

  • John Welford

    John Welford

    I am a retired librarian, living in a village in Leicestershire. I write fiction and poetry, plus articles on literature, history, and much more besides.

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